About Me

Welcome to my corner of the web! I’m Sam Galope, a seasoned full-stack web developer with a tech journey spanning over two decades.

While this website has quietly existed in the background, it’s time to bring it into the spotlight. I’ve made a commitment to transform this site into a valuable resource. Here, I’m excited to share my experiences, life hacks, productivity tips, tricks, and self-care routines.

So buckle up, because we’re about to dive headfirst into the world of tech, coding adventures, and everything in between!

A Journey Through Tech

My tech adventure started back in 1996 when computers were still a luxury. Armed with BASIC and Turbo-Pascal, I embarked on a coding journey at the tender age of 16. Imagine a world with no widespread internet, just the quaint BBS system and dial-up modems.

My first computer, an IBM 386, was a second-hand gift from my grandmother. To fund my college education, I took up a job as a graphic designer for a rather unconventional newspaper. It was there that I discovered the existence of GUIs and the magic of downloading drivers from the internet. In just a month, I went from zero to Adobe Photoshop and PageMaker pro, earning myself a promotion to lead graphic artist in just three months.

For the next six years, I lent my artistic touch to designing magazines and newspapers for international and local media agencies as an art director. However, in 2005, my country came calling, and I transitioned to serve it. That’s when my tech journey took an exciting turn. The government provided me with all the tools I needed – servers, software, laptops, USBs (novelties back then), and more. It was a goldmine for a tech enthusiast like me.

Immersed in servers and network management, I learned the ropes to support my web-based projects. In 2007, I achieved a significant milestone by single-handedly coding and deploying Asia’s first-ever digital legal library for laws and legal documents. It started with ASP and MS Access, but I soon revamped it in PHP core for better performance.

A Career Unveiled

My journey in the tech world has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. From 2005 to 2017, I found myself deeply entrenched in the realm of National Government agencies (The Supreme Court of the Philippines, Senate Electoral Tribunal, and the Commission on Human Rights), where I wore various hats. I started as a software developer, gradually moving up the ladder to become a division head and eventually, the Chief Information Officer (CIO). These years were a crucible of learning and growth, where I had the privilege of working with dedicated teams and the latest technologies.

In 2010, I took a daring leap into entrepreneurship by launching my own startup (Flux). The venture took off like a rocket, growing at a pace that left me pleasantly surprised. However, as they say, “too much of a good thing can be bad,” and this rapid growth proved challenging to manage. Eventually, I had to make the tough decision to close it down. It was a valuable lesson in the world of startups, where success can sometimes present its own set of challenges.

But my story doesn’t stop there. I’ve also served as a responsible partner (Consultant) for the United Nations Development Programme, focusing on the intersection of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Human Rights. This role allowed me to work on projects with a global impact, leveraging technology to advance human rights causes.

Furthermore, my journey has taken me to the global stage, as I’ve worked as an IT Consultant for a diverse array of international organizations and funding agencies. From the European Union (EU) to USAID, ABA-ROLI, AECID, GoJust for Human Rights, and numerous others, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with these esteemed entities, contributing my expertise to projects of global significance.

Life on the Move

To add a dash of adventure to my tech-centric life, I’ve embraced the lifestyle of a digital nomad. This means that I’m not tethered to a single location. Instead, I live a life on the move, constantly exploring new places, cultures, and opportunities. This nomadic existence has enriched my perspective and allowed me to draw inspiration from a myriad of experiences.

So, whether it’s navigating the intricacies of government agencies, embarking on entrepreneurial ventures, collaborating with international organizations, or embracing the freedom of a digital nomad, my journey has been an exhilarating adventure in the world of technology and beyond.

The Tech Stack I Love

I’ve developed a deep passion for the LAMP stack and have a special place in my heart for Linux and Open Source. I exclusively work with Mac and Linux machines, believing in the true essence of “FREE” in FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

Beyond Tech

Life isn’t just about lines of code. I’m a voracious reader, dedicating an hour a day to delve into non-fiction books on Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Performance, Learning, and History. On average, I breeze through at least two books a month.

In the real world, I wear various hats – from robotics and mechatronics enthusiast to 3D printing aficionado. You’ll also find me experimenting with laser CNC, tinkering with Raspberry Pi, strumming a classical guitar, capturing moments through photography, whipping up culinary delights, embarking on motorcycle adventures, splashing colors on canvases, nurturing hydroponics, and crafting leather creations.

The Academic Stint

My academic journey has been diverse. I’ve studied Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Law (though I skipped the Bar exams), IT Project Management, and a multitude of other related courses.

So, that’s a glimpse into who I am. I invite you to explore my blog, where I’ll share insights, experiences, and musings on the ever-evolving tech landscape and the colorful tapestry of life itself. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Notable Systems I Built so Far

  • Tara! Gender Based Violence Support and Reporting (CATW-AP UNDP)
  • HerVoice Project (CATW-AP UNDP)
  • The Gender Based Violence eReporting (CHR UNDP)
  • The Semirara Project (CHR)
  • The iHumanRights Project (CHR UNDP)
  • Right to Life Project (CHR UNDP)
  • The Reproductive Health Inquiry (CHR UNDP)
  • CSO Collaboratory  (GoJust Human Rights EU AECID)
  • Victim Support System  (GoJust Human Rights EU AECID)
  • Senate Electoral Tribunal Website  (SET)
  • Ballot Box Tracking System (SET)
  • Integrated Relay Network (SET)
  • Integrated Data Administration of Human Resources (SET)
  • Notices Orders and Requests Aggregation System (SET)
  • Appreciation and Decision Support System (SET)
  • Gender and Development Revalida System (SET)
  • Institute of Maritime and Ocean Affairs Website (IMOA)
  • Akademyang Filipina Website (Akademyang Filipina)
  • Save Manila Bay Website (OCEANA)
  • Senate Electoral Tribunal Knowledge Tool (SET)
  • CEDAW Website (FLUX)
  • HRBA Justice Asia (FLUX)
  • BiPed Human Resource Management Information System (FLUX)
  • Supreme Court E-Library (SC)
  • Staff Management System (SC)
  • Inventory System (SC)
  • Case Management System (SC)
  • Document Tracking System (SC)
  • Online Collaboration System (SC)
  • Network Management System (SC)
  • Online Video Surveillance System (SC)
  • Document Storage, Search and Retrieval System (SC)
  • User Management System (SC)
  • Content Management System (SC)
  • Staff Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System (SC)
  • E-Clippings System (SC)