Email Explorer – Seamless EML to HTML Conversion and Search

Transform your EML files into HTML effortlessly with our easy-to-use script. Enjoy seamless access to your emails directly from any web browser, eliminating the need for special software.

We’re excited to launch Version 1 of our prototype: a terminal-based tool that’s ready for use. As an open-source solution, it’s entirely free. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates that will bring new features and an improved interface.

EML to HTML Conversion

Convert EML files to HTML with a simple script. Access your emails directly in any web browser, eliminating the need for special software or applications.

Comprehensive Indexing

Indexes email headers and plain text bodies for quick and effective search results. Strips away unnecessary HTML tags, special characters, and images for a clean, searchable index.


A sleek, Bootstrap-powered interface for easy navigation and search. Use PHP and JavaScript to search and display results, linking directly to the converted HTML emails.

Directory Comparer

Easily ensure that your HTML conversions are always current and accurate, guaranteeing that your email archive is up-to-date and comprehensive for seamless access.

use cases


Email Explorer is your versatile solution for handling EML files across various needs. Forensics teams can streamline investigations by accessing email evidence in a standardized HTML format, while organizations can efficiently archive large volumes of emails for long-term preservation and compliance. Additionally, Email Explorer simplifies backup and recovery processes by converting emails into an easily accessible format, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and recoverable. Embrace this powerful, open-source tool to modernize your email management effortlessly.

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Email Explorer is a powerful tool for forensic investigations. By converting EML files to HTML, investigators can easily access and review email content in a standard web format. This approach simplifies the examination of email evidence, making it more manageable and accessible. Forensics teams can perform thorough analyses, identify key information, and trace communication patterns efficiently. The tool’s indexing feature further aids in quickly locating relevant emails based on search criteria.

Key Benefits:

  • Standardized Access: View emails in a consistent, readable format.
  • Enhanced Searchability: Quickly find pertinent information through indexed email headers.
  • Efficient Investigation: Streamline the process of analyzing large volumes of email data.


Email Explorer is ideal for archiving large volumes of emails. By converting EML files to HTML, organizations can store their emails in a web-friendly format that’s easy to access and browse. This is particularly useful for maintaining historical records and ensuring compliance with data retention policies. HTML format provides a lightweight, universally accessible method for preserving email content without relying on proprietary email clients.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Access: Archive emails in a format viewable from any web browser.
  • Long-Term Preservation: Maintain email content in a durable, accessible format.
  • Cost-Effective Storage: Reduce reliance on bulky email clients and proprietary systems.

Backup and Recovery

In scenarios where email backups are essential, Email Explorer offers a solution for converting and managing backup files. By converting EML files to HTML, users can ensure that backup data is not only preserved but also easily recoverable. This format allows users to quickly restore and access email content without needing specialized software. The directory comparer script ensures that backup files are consistently up-to-date, providing peace of mind in data recovery situations.

Key Benefits:

  • Accessible Backups: View and recover emails directly from a web browser.
  • Consistent Updates: Ensure backup files are current with the directory comparer.
  • Simplified Recovery: Easily restore email content without specialized tools.